Bonsai Pots China Mist
Slabs, Suiban, Accents
Crescents & Primitive
All Handmade In A
Yorkshire Pottery

Bonsai pots, hand made under the brand name 'China Mist' have continued to be produced for almost 30 years. You would be welcome to visit the bonsai pottery in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Contact me on 07961 934444 or email

Steve Kitchman trained with the founder of China Mist pottery and continues with the original designs, producing a range of stylish pots to suit all shapes and sizes of tree. I am also able to build you a commissioned pot for your tree.

china mist round bonsai pots


Bonsai pots from China Mist available in a range of sizes and finishes to suit any bonsai tree. All handmade with a range of colour glazes and oxide finishes to suit your tree.


China Mist bonsai pots


Bonsai ovals in a range of different lengths and depths. Glazes to complement bark and leaf colours. Oval bonsai pots are made with, or without, our feature design lip.


china mist cascade bonsai pots


Bonsai cascade and semi cascade China Mist pots, are available in square or round design. Various textures available in either an oxide or glaze finish.


china mist bonsai pots


For your group plantings or creative trees with a shari or jin. The China Mist slabs, primitive pots, suiban and crescents will make a unique addition to your collection.