Mystery Missing China Mist Pots

I’d like your help to solve the mystery of some missing pots please. Would you share this information at your club, bonsai community and on social media?

All of my pots have stamped on them a unique number.

All of my pots sold are issued with a certificate of authenticity (see photo).

If you hear about, are offered, or see any of these pots for sale, particularly without the certificate, then please contact me on

The pots are as follows:

China Mist Bonsai Pot No. 6886

Oval shape.

40cm length, 28cm width, 4cm deep inside.

Mercury (grey/blue) glaze

My online retail price £77.00


China Mist Bonsai Pot No. 6882

Oval shape.

40cm length, 28cm width, 4cm deep inside.

Sunrise (yellow/orange) glaze

My online retail price £77.00


China Mist Bonsai Pot No. 6905

Oval shape.

32cm length, 20cm width, 3.5cm deep inside.

Mint (green) glaze

My online retail price £58.00


China Mist Bonsai Pot No. 6910

Round shape.

20cm diameter, 5cm deep inside.

Brown textured oxide

My online retail price £50.00


China Mist Bonsai Certificate

China Mist Bonsai Certificate

Bonsai China Mist New Style Primitive Pot

Here is a new bonsai pot design from China Mist that I’ve been creating, I wanted a very rugged look so used a new technique I’ve developed to make the pot with.  I then added a dark black oxide with a lighter coloured glaze over the top to create what I think is a winning combo.  Look out for more of this style to be added to my portfolio.

Bonsai Primitive China Mist Pot

Bonsai Primitive China Mist Pot

Featured Image

Nice day for drying… bonsai pots outdoors

Sometimes in the UK, especially over the dark, damp, wet Winter months its difficult to get the bonsai pots I’ve made for customers to dry out quickly enough.

So I took advantage of the recent bright, sunny day to move the pottery outdoors.

All of these pots were ready for their first firing that night!  Can you spot your pot?

Featured Image

Slab Making session

Just found a Facebook page with photos of me doing a slab making session at Humberside Bonsai Society.  Good fun was had by all!  Have a peep here…


Featured Image

Coventry Bonsai Show bonanza

Fantastic day today at Coventry for the annual bonsai traders show, very high numbers of visitors from the public and bonsai growers perhaps due to the free entry this year.  Met lots of customers, old and new, plus made some new friends in the bonsai world – thanks for all your support and words of encouragement.  Great response to the new China Mist branding too and the consistent quality of my pots was mentioned more than once!

Featured Image

And here is the finished slab…

Out of the kiln and ready to ship ‘down South’ to a delighted customer!

I sprayed the outer edge to create a weathered, rugged rock effect.  The water feature in the middle has a cracked base to look like a dry sandy riverbed, the outer edges of this section are the same colour so the eye will follow the path of the water once its added to the finished image.

Cant wait to see it complete with rocks, stones and trees planted…

Featured Image

Landscape with water

Whilst browsing the Wee-Trees bonsai forum, I noticed an interesting debate going on about finding a slab suitable for creating a landscape, which would also contain a river or stream running through it.  I contacted the person who wrote the forum post to suggest they commission me to make something suitable for their requirements.  At first they thought it would be really expensive but after a short discussion over Skype we came up with an agreement and I sketched out my idea for how I’d visualize the slab to look, and here it is in rough format…


Nearly there

Well I’ve been promised power for the kiln on 30th December, which means that I’ll be firing pots again this year!  Cant wait as this is the last part of the pottery relocation.  Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with the orders that have been coming in since September.

Thanks to all of my customers who have been patient – your pots and slabs will be ready for the Spring re-potting season.

Bonsai Potters in Europe

About a year ago, I was flattered to be asked by Youri van Pinxteren of Bonsai Empire website to supply my details for an article they were writing on (and I quote) “the most important bonsai potters from Europe”.  The article shows details and bonsai pot images from 24 different potters.

For me and China Mist bonsai pots its a great honour to be even mentioned alongside some of these names, so I’ve got to keep my creative and professional standards up now! No pressure then.

You can read the article here, its a fascinating insight into the variation and creativity that we have available to us in our bonsai empire!

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Guess what I found whilst on holiday?

The Okinawan Festival in Hawaii has lots of interesting stands but the one that interested me the most was seeing the Hawaii Bonsai Association.  It became a must for me to go in and introduce myself as a bonsai potter from the UK! I even handed out a few business cards but don”t expect many orders as I guess its a long way to post my pots to.  Here’s a picture of me outside their tent.

Last show at Don Valley Sheffield

The Bonsai Traders Show next weekend.  Final one to be held at the Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield before its demolished.  The new ‘China Mist’ brand ID will be on show for the first time there, looking forward to getting a positive reaction (fingers crossed).

Club visits

Really pleased that I’ve been invited back to several bonsai clubs that I visited last year.  If you’d like me to visit your club, for either a hands-on pot making session or just to bring some pots along for sale then please get in touch or 07961 934444.

Thanks to Humberside Bonsai Society, North Lincolnshire (Grimsby) Bonsai Society, York Bonsai Society, Lincoln Bonsai Society, South Yorkshire (Sheffield) Bonsai Society, Tees Valley Bonsai Society, Harrogate Bonsai Society and North Notts Bonsai Society (NNBS).

Pottery relocates

After 2 years of working under the experienced eye of renowned bonsai potter, Alan Harriman of, I’m pleased to say the pottery has now safely relocated to its new home in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.  Got to admit taking on the building conversion has been a massive project that I seriously underestimated.  Oh well, you live and learn I suppose.  Now back to making some creative pots for clients.